Virtual Race FAQs

What is a virtual race?

Our Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K can be run (or walked!) from anywhere you are, even indoors on a treadmill. With virtual races, you can run or walk on your own time, at your own pace, and at a location of your choosing. This is a great way to challenge yourself, your family, friends, or co-workers while not traveling to a physical race. Each person signs up, runs, or walks a 3.1-mile course of their choosing and posts their times online. Virtual races are a good way to stay active, motivated, and safe!

How does a virtual race work?

Simply register for our Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K, complete 3.1 miles anywhere you desire (even on a treadmill!). We will mail you a shirt.

Can anyone participate?

Yes! Any and all faces and paces are welcome– we encourage participants of all ages and ability levels.

Do I have to set up a fundraiser to participate?

No. Anyone can register and participate in our virtual race.

Do I have to participate to be a fundraiser?

No. Anyone can fundraise through the platform without running or walking our 5K. More details can be found here.

Where should I run this?

This is 100% your choice!  You may choose to run on your treadmill at home, or run around your neighborhood. If you choose to run outdoors, please take every precaution ordered for your area of the country. 

How should I run this?

Run, walk, or both!  You can even break it up into a few sessions if you can’t do the full 5K all at once OR run a few times throughout the month and post your best result!

Can I walk? Do I have to complete the entire distance all at once?

We get excited sometimes and call our events “runs,” but walkers are most certainly welcome! Most participants complete their virtual race all at once, but we understand that not everyone is able to complete the distance in one outing. Our SBC community is less about strict rules and more about creating awareness while providing motivation to get in motion, while raising money for a great cause. So set your goal – whatever that may be – and go out and accomplish it!

How do I track my distance and time my run?

We accept results on the honor system, so you can track your distance and time however you like. The most accurate way to do this is by using a Running GPS watch, but there are also several free smartphone apps available for iPhones and Android devices that you may be interested in.

What is the refund policy for this race? 

Unfortunately, refunds are not allowed for this race.

General Race FAQs

Do I have to have celiac disease to participate?

Absolutely not! We invite all to participate in this community event! We welcome friends, family members, and anyone else who wants to contribute to getting 3.1 miles closer to a cure together while having fun!

What does my registration/donation support?

100% of proceeds will go toward Beyond Celiac work to fund treatments and a cure for celiac disease. 

Running is not my thing. Can I walk the course?

Of course. If you plan to walk the whole distance, we request that you allow runners closer to the beginning of the start line.

Can I register a child under 18?

Yes! This is a family friendly event, there are no age restrictions. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times.

Are strollers and/or pets allowed?

Strollers are allowed however pets are unfortunately not allowed.

What are the benefits of registering now? Can I register the day of the race?

Registration will absolutely be available on race day. Please keep in mind, t-shirts are guaranteed to those who register before 9/12 and there will be an additional charge for race day registrations.

What time does the race start?

The race will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m.

What happens if there is bad weather? 

A little rain won’t stop the race. However if there are major weather warnings we’ll notify you via email.

Running is not my thing. Can I just make a donation?

We understand. You certainly can make a donation. We thank you for your support!

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